An Arran Mini Vertical

The reputation of Isle of Arran Distillery is growing all the time. Not only is the quality consistently good but the value for money is excellent. Lets try a few teenagers.

arran cs3Arran 12 yo Cask Strength Batch 3 (53.9%, OB)
Colour: Amber. Nose: Pineapple, lemons, lots of fresh fruit. With water it really gets going with more of the above plus grpefruit rind. Mouth: Sweet fruit arrival turning sherbet sour. Mouth coating and very complex for a 12 year old whisky. Finish: chocolate and with water some lemon oil. Comments: a hugely enjoyable cask strength fruit bomb. A really good one to water down over time and observe the changes. 88 points.

arran14Arran 14 y0, (46%, OB, c. 2015)
Colour: Deep gold. It looks like this has more sherry contents than the 12 cs, but we will see. Nose: Yes, much more sherry in here than the 12. Toffee,sweet pastry. With water it starts to get leathery. Mouth: Big bold arrival, apricot, caramel, and chocolate brioche. Finish: Malty, turning bitter. Comments: This a really well matured spirit. Its a decadent malt at a very reasonable price. 89 points.

arran17Arran 17 y0, (46%, OB, c. 2014)
Colour: Deep copper. This one was a limited edition released in 2014. It was matured exclusively in sherry hogsheads so lets see whats in this! Nose: Very rich and complex, sherry and spice. With water its sweeter with butter andn nutmeg. Mouth: Sweet arrival, more spice, chocolate, oranges. Finish: The sherry takes over with spice plus a small amount of smoke. 89 points

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