The Single Cask – Glen Grant 20yo 

This is the first in a series of reviews of whiskies from new independent bottlers The Single Cask. Their recent releases have been flying of the shelves so I’m very pleased to have got hold of some!

The Single Cask run a bar in Singapore and have just opened another in Stamford, UK. All of their releases are available on their website


Glen Grant 20yo (50%, The Single Cask, cask #67183, 2016)
Colour: White wine.
Nose: Some hay initially lifting to reveal sweet honey and salted caramel. With time, dusty citrus fruits come through.
Mouth: Fresh, well-balanced oak and spirit.Citrus sweet and sour across the palette becoming waxier in the development.
Finish: Fairly long. Drying. Light tannins.
Comments: A highly quaffable, well aged Glen Grant.  87 points. SHARE

Wearing it’s refined age with dignity, this Glen Grant 20yo has a subtle moreish quality. It goes well with Cocteau Twins.

What does SAMPLE, SHARE or SAVOR mean?

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