The Single Cask – English Whisky Co 7yo

Following hot on the heels of a Glen Grant 20yo is the second in my series on new independent bottlers The Single Cask who not only run a bar in Singapore but have just opened another bar in Stamford, UK. All of their releases are available on their website

wp-1486666807317.jpgEnglish Whisky Co 7yo (60%, The Single Cask, cask #B/443, 2016)
Colour: Amber.
Nose: This is 60% but no nip on the nose, in fact it’s very approachable. This is peated for sure. Sweet, fruity and a bit of funk which lifts over time.
Mouth: Sweet peat, grapefruit, mandarin and a bit of kiwi. Mouth numbing.
Finish: Lingering vegetal peat, bitter almond and licorice.
Comments: I wondered whether this would have worked at a lower strenght but having experimented, it really can swim. It’s not very complex but it is really enjoyable to drink.  84 points. SHARE

Proving that whisky doesn’t have to be perfect or complicated to be worth your time, this English Whisky Co 7yo goes well with Japandroids.

What does SAMPLE, SHARE or SAVOR mean?

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