The Single Cask – Ben Nevis 19yo

The third installment of my series on The Single Cask is a 19yo Ben Nevis which turned out to unusual and fascinating. I haven’t had another whisky like it.
The Single Cask have a bar in Singapore and another that’s just opened in Stamford, UK. You can buy all of their bottlings on their website

ben-nevis-19-year-old-1996-cask-871-the-single-cask-whiskyBen Nevis 19yo (45.1%, The Single Cask, cask #871, 2016)
Colour: White wine.
Nose: Wow, this is different. Elderflower, tinned peaches, walnuts, fresh cut apple, greengages and a bit of parsley and cardamom.
Mouth: Fresh, clean and green. Sour turning sweet, mouth coating. with fennel and almond. There’s a jenever quality to this which I find intriguing.
Finish: Rather long, complex herbs, chalky and drying.
Comments: . This is pure barley spirit. No funny cask business going on here. It’s an austere, dry and complex whisky which rewards your attention. It’s my kind of style. Very educational. 88 points.SAVOR
A challenging, rewarding and intellectual experience, this Ben Nevis 19yo from The Single Cask goes well with Blanck Mass.

What does SAMPLE, SHARE or SAVOR mean?

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