Spirit of Freedom 30yo

Spirit of Freedom 30yo (Blend, 46%, 2014)

img_20171008_1930071171841395.jpgA once and never to be repeated blend from J&A Mitchell to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn. I’m a big springbank fan and was delighted when jazzpianofingers handed me a sample. Of course it’s not all springbank in the bottle but rather 75% malts from 5 distilleries and 25% grain.

N: Overripe apples, pears and apricot. A little cider vinegar at first which lifts. Crayons, candies orange and lemon and a hint of peat. This really smells like a mix of old whisky and some which perhaps did have an active maturation. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! Complex, dry honey and light leather notes.

M: The springbank is in full effect here. Robust, busy with complex herbs. There is very little grain detectable. I would have it down as a blended malt.

C: The malt is very forward, the grain is barely noticeable. Hard to believe this was £75 per bottle three years ago. How times change! 90 points.

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